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NEW Web site to the Queen City Area........CHARLOTTE PLATFORM TENNIS

Why should only the North have good winter sports? 
Paddle Tennis is for everyone!  If you're like me and were fortunate enough to move to this beautiful city of Charlotte, but miss playing paddle tennis in the winter, a solution is coming....

Platform Tennis in Charlotte

My name is Boyd Despard and I have moved with my family from Pennsylvania in 2000 and have missed paddle tennis tremendously and am doing something about it.  With the help of some nearby fellow paddle enthusiasts, like folks from Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem, and Atlanta, Charlotte will become the next frontier to bring this great sport to a large paddle sport community.  My goal is to gain support this next year and get courts built for the upcoming season to start local leagues.  I am currently starting with this web site to gain support and interest from you who want paddle in this area too.  The next steps to getting paddle in the area are as follows:

(1) Generate a list of interested players in the area - please e-mail me, your contact information, level and years of play, and your interest to help support getting a court here in Charlotte (i.e. "willing to participate in leagues", "willing to support financially or commit time for fund raising events for a new court", "sounds interesting, but would like to learn more", "interested in sponsorship of this website", etc.).    E-mail: bdespard@charlottepaddle.org

(2) Find a location for the paddle courts in Charlotte.  I am currently interviewing local clubs in the area and if you have some place or someone in mind that you would recommend, please let me know.

(3) Hold enthusiastic fund-raising events and tournaments to generate the necessary capital for the equipment

(4) Build the courts!  Yes, if you build it, they will come.  With the huge population of paddle sport enthusiasts, I believe we will have a great pull of talent in the local area to make Charlotte a great paddle force in the South.

(5) Start league play and have FUN!!!

UPDATE (Jan'13) Thanks to those that have persevered and continue to find ways to start paddle tennis (platform tennis) in Charlotte, we are a lot closer than you think.  Please continue to send e-mails to find how you can help us out to making this happen!  

Support Charlotte Platform Tennis!
Come to a tournament, or participate in upcoming CharlottePaddle fund raising events (TBD).

Other nearby metropolitan area and key paddle sites:
APTA: http://www.platformtennis.org/american_platform_tennis_association.htm
Atlanta, GA: http://www.peachtreepaddle.org/
Chapel Hill, NC: http://www.chapelhilltennisclub.com/Paddle.htm
Charlottesville, VA:
Winston-Salem, NC: http://siplatform.googlepages.com/

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