"Queen City" Charlotte Paddle Tennis

Paddle Corner
By Boyd Despard 

January 7, 2009
YOU can bring happiness to a lost paddle soul in Charlotte.......SPREAD THE WORD!

As the New Year unfolds in 2009, new opportunities are all around.  One such fantastic opportunity is expanding the platform tennis footprint in the South with an attempt to capture Charlotte, NC - top twenty most populous cities in the US, top 5 in the South.  But we need your help!  As Charlotte is home to banking, technology, manufacturing, transportation, etc., we have attracted many "Northerners" that have brought their appetites and energies for paddle sports to the area.  Many have settled with tennis to feed their paddle enthusiasm, continuing to fuel the tennis explosion in the area, but all have left the paddle gear in lost forgotten boxes in storage, not willing to part with at Goodwill or garage sales, but rather hoping that some day ...... their dreams will be filled yet again and they will be able to stand tall and strong with the paddle Gods!  But we need your help to spread the word to family, friends, acquaintances that live or have moved to the Queen City area.  Our web site is www.charlottepaddle.org and my e-mail address is bdespard@charlottepaddle.org for more information on our plans to get paddle to Charlotte.  Happy New Year! - Boyd Despard

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